Director | Producer | Writer | Composer | Editor | Creative Director

H e a t h   R o d e r i c k   M c C a r t h y
"My aim is to help people in the long-term, through my art and through my projects.''

Current Projects:  [in-devlopment] Feature - Near Heaven (Co-Director, Writer, Composer) with Australian filmmaker, Cinematographer of the Year, Simon Duggan.
WINNERGY® - (Creative Director)  with Corey "Impact" Jacobs,  Senior Advisor of Combs Global,  Co-Founder of The Buried Alive Project, Co-Founder of Mastercard + HBCU On The Green.

[in-development] Documentary -  IDRISSA - (Director, Writer) with, SFO, Heavens Story

Heath Roderick McCarthy photography by Sam Matthews